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Once again, I gave in and updated a MacBook Air to the newest MacOS operating system called Big Sur. And once again, Apple screwed me. And as I read online, quite a few Apple users feel the same way. There are both good and bad points to upgrading, but the bad outweigh the good. Read this and let me help you keep your sanity and your gear working.

The good news is this time, Big Sur actually seems to work without causing my system problems or apps to crash. If your apps worked with Catalina, they will very likely work with Big Sur.

The bad news is Big Sur makes MacBook work slow as molasses

The bad news is, after the upgrade to Big Sur my MacBook Air suddenly works like a 95-year-old grandpa. Slow as molasses. What’s that sonny?

And the delay is not just in one place or at one time, it’s everywhere, all the time. For crying out loud Apple, if you can’t create an update without negatively impacting the user experience on existing devices, then warn your users to stay away or they will be miserable.

Or at the very least give the user the ability to go back to Catalina. But Apple has never given the user to fix the problems that Apple creates. Apparently, that’s just too much to ask.

At least be honest rather than rushing to get as many users to switch as quickly as possible, year after year, for public relations reasons. Care about how you are screwing with the usability of these critical devices. And how you are damaging your own brand value.

Apple is as bad as Microsoft in last few years

That’s why I switched from Microsoft to Apple for my main device several years ago. Microsoft kept screwing around, year after year, update after update. I finally threw in the towel and went for what was known as a simpler and reliable device, operating system and software.

I was happy for a while. It lasted until the first update. After that, year after year, the Apple experience has been grating on my nerves and getting worse.

The thing I don’t understand is why Apple and Microsoft keep putting their customers last. Why do they keep hurting their own brand value?

Why do they think it’s more important to create, release and force as many users to make the switch as quickly possible? Especially when the update continually screws with the usability.

So, apparently both Apple and Microsoft are more focused on their PR than on keeping their customers happy.

Apple iPhone iOS update works well

Fortunately, the latest iPhone iOS update seems to work well. That’s the good news this time around. At least we can thank Apple for that.

However, why is it that Apple doesn’t seem to care about their users? Why do they put more importance on getting as many users as possible to adopt the new operating system even when they will be sorry when it doesn’t work right?

Then give them no recourse.

I will give Apple the benefit of the doubt. Big Sur probably works well on brand new MacBooks. Granted. But when users upgrade to the newest MacOS like Big Sur, on a device that’s a few years old, things just slow down to an almost unusable and frustrating pace.

MacOS Big Sur makes MacBook slow and unusable

Apple should at least give the user the ability to go back to the previous version when things don’t work with the new one. That would be the right thing to do.

How about it Apple… care about your users.

Why don’t they? It appears Apple is not as interested in taking care of their users as they are in bragging out how many upgraded.

Well, I’ve got news for you Apple. When I hear your crow about how many users have upgraded, I can see through that empty claim.

Your problem is as you screw around with more and more of your customers, they all understand as well.

Apple is tarnishing their own brand with false upgrade claims

What you should say is how many users have upgraded, are happy and stayed there. You should also tell the marketplace how many users tried to upgrade, then when it did not work out ultimately went back to their previous version.

I know that would make your reputation less than stellar. However, it would as least be honest and make your statements believable.

That’s it. That’s my story. Another Apple MacOS and iOS upgrade cycle that hurts many of their customers.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Apple. I use Apple. I only wish they cared as much about me and all their other users.

I feel abused. Apple is like the forceful partner in an abusive relationship. Apple users keep sticking around and they keep beating us up, year after year.

Here is a solution to the Apple MacOS, iOS problem

Here is a solution. Wait. Wait until just before the next MacOS or iOS yearly update comes out. Then it should be safe to update to Big Sur… after all the bugs have been worked out.

This year I waited for several months before making the leap. And still, they screwed me when my MacBook suddenly works like slow molasses dripping off the countertop.

If you have a MacBook that’s not brand new, I would think twice about upgrading to Big Sur. Not that it won’t work. But because of the slow performance.

If you go this route, make sure you don’t wait until the next version is released because by that time, they will remove Big Sur and you will be screwed again. So, timing is critical… but could indeed be worth it.

Who knows, when and if Apple ever grows up and starts to take care of their users before their PR claims. If they do, perhaps they can once again return to the company their loyal users can love once again. Just a thought.

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