Airtel 5G & Jio 5G Breaking News | Jio & Airtel Developed 5G New Radio Software For 5G Launch

Jio Platforms said that it has internally developed “a lot of software and platforms” along with 5G new radio and core systems that are required to operate the core 5G network.

“The telecom opportunity has been the first proving point of a very powerful playbook that we are executing in a number of ecosystems. Effectively, Jio Platforms creates very powerful domain specific technologies solutions which allow operating companies like Jio to use those technologies to create market leading and disruptive solutions starting with India,” Kiran Thomas, president at Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), Jio’s parent.

Thomas said that once these solutions are proven through RIL’s operating units at the India scale, these solutions can then become very powerful intellectual property which Jio Platforms could offer to external customers, not just in India but even globally.

Jio Platforms is developing the intellectual property and “own-homegrown solutions” that initially will support Jio and other RIL businesses in retail, financial services, education, healthcare, agriculture or even manufacturing sectors.

Jio Platforms has developed the full “5G stack” internally as opposed to a partner-led approach in the 4G space. Jio has already replaced many 4G network components with its own home-grown solutions.

Bharti Airtel is also developing 5G network technologies in India through own R&D and in collaboration with local, US and Japanese firms, underlining a dramatic shift in the mobile phone operator’s strategy which will see it develop its own intellectual property (IP), as against depending on third party equipment vendors.

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